Our Fleet

At Blueskies Virtual we strive to put the pilot first. If we do not have the aircraft you like to fly in our fleet, just send us a message and we will get it added.

Aircraft Code Max Pax Cruise Speed Ceiling Engine Range Fleet Count
Boeing 767-300ER
B763 235 470kts 43,100ft PW4060 6,221nm 12 more info
Airbus 319-100
A319 160 470kts 41,000ft CFM56-5B 3,750nm 15 more info
Airbus 320-200
A320 195 447kts 41,000ft CFM56-5B 1,980nm 22 more info
Airbus 321-200
A321 230 447kts 41,000ft CFM56-5B 2,565nm 17 more info
Airbus 330-200
A333 253 531kts 41,000ft CF6-80E 6,536nm 4 more info
Boeing 737-800
B738 160 517kts 0ft CFM56-7B 2,930nm 12 more info
CRJ2 50 424kts 41,000ft CF34-3B1 1,345nm 4 more info
CRJ7 78 447kts 41,000ft CF34-8C5 1,732nm 6 more info
CRJ9 90 458kts 41,000ft CF34-8C5 1,593nm 3 more info
Embraer E170
E170 78 445kts 41,000ft CF34-8E5 2,100nm 4 more info
Embraer E175
E175 88 541kts 41,000ft CF34-8E5 2,200nm 3 more info
Embraer E190
E190 114 541kts 41,000ft CF34-10E 2,450nm 6 more info
Embraer E195
E195 124 541kts 41,000ft CF34-10E 2,300nm 4 more info
Airbus 320neo
A20N 194 541kts 41,000ft PW1100G 4,000nm 17 more info
McDonnell Douglas MD-80
MD88 149 472kts 41,000ft JT8D-200 2,550nm 4 more info
Beech Craft 1900D
BE1 19 280kts 25,000ft PT6A-67D 1,279nm 3 more info
Boeing 747-400
B744 416 504kts 32,800ft PW4000 7,285nm 3 more info
Mooney Acclaim
M20T 3 243kts 25,000ft TIO-540-AF1B 1,400nm 2 more info
Boeing 747-8i
B748 410 493kts 43,100ft GEnx-2B67 8,000nm 2 more info
Boeing 777-200
B772 313 510kts 43,100ft GE90-115BL 8,555nm 5 more info
Boeing 777-200LR
B77L 313 510kts 43,100ft GE90-115BL 8,555nm 3 more info
TOUR 1 1kts 1ft 1 1nm 1 more info
Boeing 757-200
B752 200 461kts 42,000ft RB211-535E(4)B 3,915nm 3 more info